iAOS Portal

Integrated Arctic observation system (INTAROS) is a research and innovation project funded by EC - H2020-BG-09-2016 for 5 years (2016-2021). INTAROS has a strong focus on contributing to the in-situ observing system and carries out fieldwork activities in coordination with national and international initiatives. The fieldwork will take place in different regions of the Arctic both on land and in ocean. Partners also compile, quality control and make available datasets collected by earlier campaigns, to provide access to datasets previously only available in closed communities and to extend time series of key ocean and climate parameters such as sea ice concentration, thickness and displacement.

INTAROS conducts a series of field experiments in different regions of the Arctic, and collects a suite of parameters for different themes:

  • Atmosphere,
  • Ocean,
  • Sea ice,
  • Marine Ecosystem,
  • Terrestrial,
  • Glaciology,
  • Natural hazards, and
  • Community-based monitoring.

INTAROS partners also exploits data from various satellite missions, to generate long time series of key ocean and climate variables for the Arctic Region. The data collected or generated within the project are registered in the INTAROS Data Catalog, available at https://catalog-intaros.nersc.no/.

The iAOS portal provides a joint access point to the data integrated by the INTAROS Data Catalog and to a wide range of data made available by other open access Arctic Data systems. The portal also provides access to selected services developed in the iAOS Cloud Platform.