Current Turboveg Data Dictionary and Panarctic Species List (PASL)

These are the most recent Data Dictionary (pop-ups) and Panarctic Species List (PASL) zip files for all the vegetation plot data entered into Turboveg for the Alaska AVA. These files are necessary to correctly use the Turboveg data with regards to coded data. The Data Dictionary file will be updated when new datasets are entered into Turboveg which result in additions to coded data such as references, author code, habitat type, surficial geology, etc. Updates to the PASL will occur less frequently. Check the dates in the file names to be certain that you are using the most current files.

Using Turboveg:

1) Download the installation file available through the link at Alaska Arctic Geoecological Atlas portal from the official Turboveg webpage (general installation file for worldwide users, however, some adjustments will be needed when using data from AAVA after installation of this program).

2) Open the Turboveg program and restore the most recent Data Dictionary and PASL zipped files into the Turboveg program by using the function 'Database-Backup/Restore-Restore.' All the previous versions of data dictionary files and PASL that are already in program will be overwritten.

3) Use the Alaska-AVA following the manual for Turboveg for Windows which is available at

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