Oceanographic data from IOPAN moorings north of Svalbard in 2017-2021 (INTAROS)

Oceanographic data from two IOPAN moorings north of Svalbard deployed in 2017-2022 along the INTAROS (along 22°E) and A-TWAIN (along 31°E) mooring lines. Mooring IOPAS1x (x represents deployment number 1-4) was deployed at 78°30'N 22°E at the water depth of 860 m. IOPAS1x was equipped with two Nortek AD2CP instruments (upward-looking Signature250 and downward-looking Signature55), Moored McLane Profiler (MMP) with CTD sensors, and point CTD sensors. Mooring IOPAS2x (x represents deployment number 1-3) was deployed at 81°35'N 31°E at the water depth of 1230 m. IOPAS 2x was equipped with the upward-looking Nortek Signature250, downward-looking TRDI QMADCP, and point CTD and T(D) sensors.

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Source Data will be soon available in the Oceanographic Data and Information System eCUDO.pl (data publication in process)
Principal Investigator Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller
Data Curator Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller
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