Passive acoustic data from Kongsfjorden, Svalbard, September 2018

The passive acoustics experiment in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard, was conducted with autonomous recorders at the entry of the fjord. The operation was repeated in 2013 and then between 2018 and 2020. Different recorders were usesd : 3 recorders RTSYS EA-SDA14 equipped with HTI-92-WB hydrophones and an additional battery pack suited for long term deployments; 1 Wildlife recorder and 1 Loggerhead LS1 recorder. For more details on recording periods see the figure in the ressources : deployments_summary.png.

In May 2018, two RBR solo3 pressure sensors were also acquired to record tide and swell data during the acoustic deployment paired with the recorder at 10 m depth close to Kongsfjordneset. Another pressure sensor was installed at 10 m depth just outside of Kongsfjorden. The acoustic recorder and the pressure sensors were set up to acquire data until their recovery September 2018.

Three acoustic recorders and onepressure sensor were deployed in October 2019 close to Kongsfjordneset point and recoveredon July 29th 2020. Two acoustic recorders (EA-SDA14 RTSYS with additional battery pack and Loggerhead LS1) and the pressure sensors were redeployed on September 29th 2020 at the same location close to Kongsfjordneset point and set up to start acquiring data (78 kHz, 15 min recording per hour).

Recordings are uploaded on DATARMOR (server of IFREMER-France) and available on request.

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