Ground Temperature Map, 2000-2016, New Zealand

The product provides modeled mean annual ground temperatures (MAGT) at the top of the permafrost for New Zealand at 1 km spatial resolution. Permafrost probability (fraction values from 0 to 1) is assigned to each grid cell with MAGT < 0°C. The mean MAGT was validated for the Northern Hemisphere using ground temperature from more than 920 boreholes available in GTN-P and TSP database and regional permafrost publications. The RMSE was 2.0 °C and the validation showed almost no cold or warm bias. The same modelling parameters as for the Northern Hemisphere were used for New Zealand but the results could not be validated due to the lack of borehole data.

Modeled ground temperature data is also available for the Northern Hemisphere, the Antarctic, the Andes, and the East African Plateau.

More Information about the modelling method can be found in the product guide.

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Spatia { "type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [ [ [164, -48 ], [ 180, -48], [ 180, -34 ], [164, -34], [164, -48 ]] ] }